Low Voltage Rescue – LVR

Information about the low voltage rescue course and CPR Refresher.


LVR/ CPR Training course = $145 inc GST

LVR Only  = $85 inc GST

CPR Only =  $65 inc GST

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Fire Warden course only = $145 inc GST
Fire Warden & Extinguisher = $248 Inc GST
Fire Extinguisher, Fire Warden, Chief Warden & Extinguisher = $298 Inc GST

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Teaching Methods:   Theory/Practical
Outcome:  Certificate (nationally accreditation).
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(LVR) Part 1 UETTDRRF06B Perform rescue from a live LV Panel (LVR only)

RTO: 90909

Every day there are a number of emergencies occur in Victoria and around Australia. Understanding how to respond to these emergencies can be the difference between life and death. Many of these emergencies occur in the workplace and is no different for example. Imagine being a Police person where every call may or may not include activities that could take your life.

The electrical industry is no different. Even though training and ©️ general competence Ⓒ have increased substantially, in all industries, over the past years. The electrical industry has a few hazards that could place workers and others,  in imminent danger.

Low Voltage Rescue (UETTDRRF06B – Perform rescue from a live LV panel) will help those within the electrical industry respond to potentially life-threatening situations. At STG Fire Safety training we provide nationally accredited competencies using theory and real-world scenarios. Which are designed to prepare electrical workers for an effective response when performing low voltage work goes wrong. Some of the skills learnt will also help with emergencies in your private life, outside work (skills for life)

Here is some of the information aboutⒸ what you will learn or be refreshed:


UETTDRRF06B Perform rescue from a live LV panel
 1. Preparation to perform a rescue from a live low voltage panel
  • Instruction in hazards and risk control measures for work area’s and functions are identified and obtained by the person preparing or performing a rescue.
  • Use equipment to firstly  ©️ identify and then label electrical hazards
  • Skills and ability to check LV rescue equipment and place in the appropriate area for use if required.
2. Perform and effective rescue from a low voltage panel
  • Ensure that workplace procedures and instructions are followed to mitigate associatedⒸ risk with low voltage work
  • Apply CPR if required and gain help from medical professionals if necessary and follow such professionals advice ( CPR component of course)
  • Make the site secure and/ or safe until the authorities inspect and release the site
 3. Complete all low voltage panel rescue procedures and documentation
  • Processes and procedures are confirmed for reporting incidents to the appropriate authorizedⒸ personnel and authorities in accordance with established procedures.
This is a nationally accredited course but to be certified as an electrical industry spotter you must have a current CPR qualification as well as LVR.

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RTO: 90909