Fire Extinguisher Pocket or Wallet Chart


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This portable fire extinguisher guide can be placed in a wallet or simply in a coat pocket or similar. The information is the same on both sides for rapid access of information during emergencies.

What does the card Indicate?

  • Type or class of fire
  • Fire Extinguisher types/class
  • Comments on safety issues
  • Simple tick or cross indicating suitability.
  • QR Code for access to our website
  • Information on class “D” fires

Customised fire extinguisher charts

When you order the 50 or 100 chart packages you can change one face of the chart to suit your situation.  Please leave use a message below if you would like to use this custom service. Please allow 7 to 10 days delivery for the custom service.

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We can supply the charts in packets of 1 item to 1000 items or more.

We provide free freight with all purchases.


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Extinguisher Charts

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