A2 Fire Extinguisher Wall Chart


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fire extinguisher wall chart

Wall chart Size: A2 (optional Aluminium frame).

What better way to help educate fire wardens and other occupants than to have a fire extinguisher identification wall chart front and centre in their work location.

This wall chart has all the detail you would expect including the color bands and type of extinguisher. There is also information about what each fire extinguisher can be used for and even some of the limited uses of the fire extinguisher. One of the main features is the comments section – helping to advise users on what they should and shouldn’t do.

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What does the A2 Poster (wall chart Indicate)?

  • Type or class of fire
  • Fire Extinguisher types/class
  • Comments on safety issues
  • Simple tick or cross indicating suitability.
  • QR Code for access to our website
  • Information on class “D” fires

Note: Images are for display only and are not to scale (A2)



fire extinguisher wall chart office environment

Additional information

Extinguisher Wall Chart

Poster Only, Plus 1 Aluminium Frame

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